Feet as good as new

Healthy feet. the way they should be

Healthy feet. the way they should be

Three years have now past since I first started injections of insulin into the feet. If you have read my previous posts, you know that foot injections were partially an act of desperation. My feet were were swollen, gone numb (to a point of feeling dead) with skin looking like the back of an alligator. I was within a year of them getting amputated.

Well here they are 3 years later

pic 1 My previous pic of the right foot showed a blood filled big toe. Having something dropped on it can be serious for a type 1 diabetic.  As you can see in the above pic, all is well.  After the nail came off, it healed then regrew.  No problems at all.  Unfortunately for me, I stepped on something today and now have another blood clot.pic 2  It’s painful.  But, again,  I am not worried.  By injecting into the feet at least once a day.  everything is fine.

Some lotion please:}

Some lotion please:}

As I have said, I won’t bore you with countless “updates”.  Unless there is a change I think you should know about, I will update again in 2015

Thank you for reading this blog.  I hope that my experience will benefit you too.


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