If you have read my previous posts, you know that I was well on my way to losing my feet two years ago this month. By simply changing WHERE I inject my insulin, I have saved them from amputation.

At the time I was taking quite a bit of insulin. my insulin needs were/are as follows:

            BREAKFAST                            LUNCH                            DINNER                   OVERNIGHT

1995    Humulin  5 units          humulin 5 units            humulin 5 units.              none

2011 Humulin 30 units          humulin 30 units           humulin 30 units             Lantus 60

2012 Humulin 15 units           humulin 15 units           humulin 15 units            Lantus 30

2013 Novolin 9 units              novolin 4-5 units          novolin 9 units                 Lantus 9

As you can see, my short acting insulin (humulin novolin) needs have dropped 70% from their 2011 high.

My long acting insulin, Lantus has dropped 85%.  I sometimes need none for lunch.

Prior to 2011 my insulin needs kept rising from the original 5 units at each meal to 30 units or more sometimes.

My feet getting worse with time.  Now I use far less insulin and my feet are healthy.  Foot injuries are not the horrible terror that they once were.  I don’t need to see a doctor about them.  They heal normally.  Are healthy as they should be. 

By injecting some of my insulin into the feet, I guarantee that they get to have insulin available for the cells to feed.  I still inject as close to the toes as possible. My only change has been that I now inject 1/3 (3 units) in the left foot; 1/3 (3 units) in the right foot; 1/3 (3 units) in the stomach area.

At night it’s 3 units of Lantus in each thigh, 3 in the stomach area.  This is long acting so I still don’t know if there is a benefit to shooting multiple sights.  It can’t hurt though.

Because my work during the day doesn’t always allow me to be able to take my shoes off to inject directly into the feet, I try and get as close to them as possible.  Shooting underneath the skin around the ankles or lower calf area.  As close as possible at all times.

Overall I feel far better than I have ever felt. I am as healthy as or healthier than just about anyone I know in my age bracket or any bracket.  Maybe this spring or summer I will post a pic to prove it.

I owe my feet to that life altering epiphany when I realized the problem I was having with my feet was simply because they were starving to death.  They are fine now.

Make sure yours are too!  INJECT IN YOUR FEET.

Just not in the arteries.